how we can help

Fite Analytics maintains an extensive securities database and can securely combine your private security information with public security information to provide a complete view of your portfolios. We collect data from hundreds of sources daily and we make this content available at a reasonable cost.

Fixed income data is a significant challenge, so we provide a service bureau that your firm can rely upon to keep your data fresh and accurate. Let us take on the research for you - whether you manage corporates, munis, government, CDs, bank loans, or structured products, we have the know-how required for accurate and timely analytics.

what we offer

Reference and Pricing Data Updates

We maintain extensive coverage of the global fixed income markets, including terms & conditions, prices, embedded optionality, redemptions, calls, and defaults.

Pricing Services

We provide yield, spot and relative value price estimates across a range of fixed income sectors.

Private Security Research

Let us do the hard work for you - simply give us a list of security identifiers and we will research and maintain the data.

Data Quality Checks

We believe that multiple data sources is prudent when maintaining mission-critical security information. Use our data as an alternate source of information so that you are not left stranded!

Do you have a portfolio that you would like to analyze on CMS:Portfolio? We can get you up and running quickly, usually the same day. We are serious about Zero Implementation!