Security & Portfolio Batch Analytics

Submit up to 5 million securities in a single batch

Comprehensive analytics returned in 90 minutes or less

Unmatched Performance and Scalability

  • Send us a file with security IDs and prices. There is no limit to the number of securities that can be submitted, and we cover most asset classes.
  • We calculate results for each security using reference data, curves and models that are always available on the platform, updated continuously.
  • Our ultra-fast, horizontally-scalable calculation grid returns accurate street-standard results faster than incumbent vendors, using best-of-breed quantitative models.
  • We send results back to your organization in 90 minutes or less, for any number of securities.

Widest and Highest-Quality Coverage of all sectors of Global Fixed Income, Structured Finance and Derivatives Markets

corporate bonds
municipal bonds
government bonds
agency bonds
mortgage-backed securities
bank loans
short-term paper
futures and forwards
Do you have a large list of securities you need analyzed? We can send a results file back to you in 90 minutes. We are serious about Zero Implementation!