Fite Analytics and Looker provide Business Intelligence to the Bond Market

Fite Analytics provides Industry-Leading Data Visualization exclusively on the Looker platform

August 12, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)—Fite Analytics LLC announced today that it has teamed with Looker, the data platform company that joined Google Cloud in February of 2020, to provide industry-leading data visualization, business intelligence, and enhanced reporting for Fixed Income Investors. The solution provides the most robust set of BI tools available today across all sectors of the Global Bond Markets.

The Fite Analytics solution includes all market reference data, a scalable calculation grid, and a simple set of APIs and File Exchanges for rapid implementation and high performance. Fite Analytics’ cutting-edge technology is cloud-native and includes a global fixed-income security database in partnership with multiple financial content providers. When combined with Looker’s embedded data solution, Powered by Looker, Fite Analytics provides white-labeled user experiences that help investors make better decisions across more securities, with faster response times.

Geoff Fite, CEO, Fite Analytics, said: “Our deployment of the Looker platform confirms that today’s cloud-native technologies, combined with new approaches to managing massive data and calculation loads, is a massive improvement over what is being used by most risk and trading professionals. Our goal is to simplify the commercial and technology burden of analyzing the capital markets. We handle the heavy lifting of data and calculations for our customers.”

“In the financial world real-time data insights need to be delivered in a format that can be easily interpreted and quickly acted upon,” said Jamie Davidson, Looker product management leader at Google Cloud. “By embedding Powered by Looker Fite Analytics’ customers will be able to ask questions of their data in a self-serving manner and schedule customized alerts to always stay informed. Having this type of access to data can be extremely impactful as it provides the visibility needed to pinpoint what specific actions are creating desired positive outcomes.”

About Fite Analytics

Based in Los Angeles, Fite Analytics is a privately held corporation founded in 2016 to provide comprehensive data processing and analytics services to institutional investors. Fite Analytics combines comprehensive global market data, ultra-high-speed analytics, and implementation-free cloud-native technology to provide industry-leading coverage, quality and speed.